Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moving On

Nationals are over. We're done with Chattanooga and racing for jerseys.
On our last day, we woke up early, breakfast (mine was chicken noodle soup and a little coffee as my stomach still wasn't feeling good), Camp House Coffee stop (I skipped it--that's how I know I was sick), warm up, race Nationals Road Race. Somehow, maybe it was the chicken noodle soup, I rode and raced really well. Finished 3rd place.

Then we got in the car, drove to Knoxville, and the next day drove to Bear Creek Mountain Resort in PA. It was a long ass drive.

We've had two relaxing days. Mine have been spent laying around, coaching, time in the spa, and a bike ride. I'm trying to win the laziness competition we are having amongst the team. Need to heal the body and get back to good health.

Tomorrow we are off to Philly. Super cool Philly race on Sunday with equal prize money for men and women!!

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