Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oh ya, the blog...

Once upon a time, there was a blog that was neglected. Often, it was forgot about completely. The blog never did anything wrong. It just sat there, waiting to be loved. Once and a while, someone would look at the blog, but it went a long time looking exactly the same, so people lost interest and the blog got more and more neglected. 

You see the owner of the blog tended to forget about the blog completely.  Busy with coaching, splitting/stacking wood, enjoying #hermitlife at home, hanging out with friends, and eventually getting back to training, she didn't feel the need to update anyone on what was going on. Life was going on and extra time on the computer didn't seem necessary.

Some things, however, seemed very blog worthy-- but for different reasons never got posted.
ALP Cycles Coaching is kicking ass and growing, but this news didn't get put on this blog- it went on another blog...
2014 kicked off in 2013 with UHC training camp. This is definitely blog worthy, but due to contract obligations, nothing will be posted until Jan 2014.
34 years old happened-- at training camp.
A sweet snow bike happened and has been getting used.
Training has been happening. Racing in 3.5 weeks (what?)!

Photos of blog worthy things-- sponsor correct.
Birthday celebration. My new teammies treated me well. 
 Birthday espresso and baked goodies. YUM!
 We were in Arizona. Lots of cactus, sun, and good rides
 Fancy hotel
 Pretty lake view. We were to take photos here, but the Johnny Law didn't like us and instead of saying "cheese" he gave us a ticket.
Stay tuned for more blog worthy info-- and to not let this blog feel neglected.

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