Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A cyclist's best friend

The Cross Bike- a nessesary tool for all avid, somewhat crazy, cyclists. It can take you places the road bike wouldn't dare go.

A cross bike can-
ride pavement.
ride dirt.
ride singletrack.
ride jeep track.
Most important of all, a cross bike can ride in the snow.

Mine took me to 9,500ft onto Rollins Pass. It was dirt, it was snowpacked, it had snowpacked wind drifts, and it was filled with washboard goodness (bring on the cobbles!).

Thanks to my cross bike, I got a 3.5 hour, sub freezing temperature, beautiful scenery, one icy crash, bike ride.

It was wonderful!

Thank you trusted Cross Bike.


b fisk said...

i love my cross bike too. i loved it until that drunk guy hit me and totaled it on 19th st.

now i am w/o and have to ride my mtn. bike in this snow.

Amy Dombroski said...

Glad to see you're embracing the cross bike...