Friday, April 25, 2008

From Holland to Germany

In the last three days we have been to Holland, Belgium, Germany and now Luxemburg.

Holland brought us pretty scenery, nice riding, the best hotel in the whole wide world (Maastricht Van der Valk), AND a chance to be a viewer of Animal Planet in real life.

While Christine, Katheryn and I were out riding, we got to learn about the mating rituals of swans in real life. I almost crashed Christine in the process, and that would have really made for an interesting story. "Well, while watching 2 swans getting it on..."
Holland also brought some interesting architecture.

Here's what you get when you take a picture of yourself with the zoom on.

A whole lot of teeth
Katheryn found a Dutch man to keep her company while she is away from her husband.

The best part about coming to Germany, other than the fact that it is filled with German people, is the bread. The German Brown Bread (as it is "officially" called), is THE best. We have been treated to warm roll after warm roll at Breakfast.

The second best thing about Germany is the chance to go to the track to test out different time trial positions.
How many guys does it take to set up a TT bike? (Carmen testing in the back ground)I could go on and on about the best things about Germany, but I'm not there anymore, so I will stop. I'm not sure what Luxemburg will bring. I've never been here before (here's another 45 days added to my life).

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