Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here comes the Weeee!

After some much needed rest and relaxation in Lucca we are back in Belgium.

First, however, we were visited by Nanna, our wonderful Nutritionist from TOSH. Inspired by her words of wisdom, we made dinner together using all our leftovers in Lucca. It turned out really well.She would be proud of this salad. I can't tell you what's included in either the salad or the dinner as that is top secret. Special Team USA information only. The only thing I will say it incuded some sort lettuce with the salad and some sort of pasta with dinner. Go figure...Then we flew to Belgium and pre-rode the course for today's Fleche Wallone World Cup. The race finishes up a little climb called the Muir de Huy (Huy is the town's name). Here's a picture of the start of the climb. It gets a little steep. This is the middle switch back of the steep mo-fo (did I mention it was steep?). In case you were wondering, Huy is painted 93 times on the 800 meter finish stretch of the climb. Yep, I counted.
We race today, then head to Germany.

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JP said...


I happened to be in Huy for the Fleche and had a checn to see you and the other girls taming that beast of a climb. Keep up the great work.

I tried to refrain from chanting USA, USA since we Americans aren't well liked over there :)