Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It was Father's Day weekend and it was time to go home. Not home to Colorado, not home to Boulder; home to Fraser. That's right, it was time to visit the Mom and Dad. I hadn't been home since January.

There are things I look forward to doing when I go home. I had a mental list of everything fun I wanted to do in 2 days. Fortunately, everything got checked off.

First on the list was s'mores. The Dad built the fire and we roasted.

The fire was missing one thing though. My homework. Every year, after school got out, I would burn my homework. Then roast s'mores over it. The marshmellows that were roasted over my math homework, however, would taste less than superb.

Our neighbor, Denny, came over to join us.
We did some horseshoe throwing in between marshmellow eating.
I won (of course), Josh broke his shoe, and the Mom made magical tunes for us.

Next on the list was mountain biking. We had a great Father's Day ride complete with a coffee shop stop.
We saw pretty scenery, a not so healthy cow,and managed to tire each other out. It was great.


Cristy said...

the not so healthy cow is pretty cool...that's not something you see everyday!

G as in Chris said...

Who is that joke with the long hair!? :~)