Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok. I'll admit it. I've got no shame and am happy to show you the things I have for sale.

I am home now and that means that after 12 weeks of travel, I can finally unpack. While I have wonderful stuff and lots of neat things, I have NO more space in my closet for everything. Hence the sale.

I've got lots of things. Though most of it is cycling related. Some is skiing related.
Here is the link to a few e-bay items-
Keep checking because as stuff sells, I will add more (it's kept exciting and ever changing!).

If you are looking for other things that are not listed (cycling clothes, sunglasses, bike parts, etc.) please comment and I'll send you an e-mail back if I have it or not.

Again, sorry for the lackluster entry, but I really need to get rid of stuff!!


Admin said...

I was wondering if you have, and could sell a puncture tubular tire, I'm aware cycling teams never repair them, just throw them away. I want to repair it and use it as a spare. Thanks, C.K. from San Antonio, TX

Anonymous said...

I just saw this, guess I needed something uplifting to read [and your blog is usually good for a laugh or two (or three, or four...)] and something to pass along to the rest of my TOTALLY water/river-washed-out cycling gals! I don't have an ebay account (so out of touch) but am wondering about jerseys..?? Actually , if you have a 'list' of stuff (any saddles, rims??) I am almost always on the lookout for anything biking related! A signed jersey to buy and take to the hospital to hang up would be uplifting! of course, i'd need a boat to GET to the Univ.!

(Univ. of Iowa fan club =) )