Friday, November 21, 2008

The Commute

Most people commute to work.  Get in the car, drive, arrive at work.  The process reverses at the end of the day-leave work, drive, arrive at home.  Driving to and from work is how many people go about their day.

There are also many people who ride their bike to work.  Whether the ride is 5 minutes or an hour and a half, the bike commuters are a hard core group.  They are not only trying to save money on gas, they are making themselves AND the earth more healthy.   So I thought to myself, why don't I ride my bike to work?  I can get my training in and save the world all at the same time.  Never mind my job is more than 70 miles away, at a ski area, and I would start and end my ride at elevations higher than 8000ft. in November.  Riding to was motivation.  It was a goal.

This is how the day of my "commute" went:
-Wake up to frost and freezing rain
-Get a warning call from the Mom-"I called The Hard Rock Cafe in Empire and it is cold and icy there".  (Grrreat)
-Receive second warning call from Josh- "When you exit the dirt and hit Coal Creek Canyon it is SLICK!  So if you hit the deck, you can't blame me".  (fantastic)  
-Have another shot of espresso.
-10:25am start the commute and seek out all the gravel on the road so as to not slip and fall down.
-Sometime after that-stop and take off middle layer of clothing
-Sometime after that-change gloves (it's hard work trying not to fall down)
-12pm-arrive at the I-70 frontage road.  Call the Dad and tell him I am alive, eat a Stroop Waffle.  All is good.
-Idaho Springs (half way point)-the SUN comes out.  Get some seriously strange looks at the truck stop.  Eat another Stroop Waffle.
-1:33pm-Feel the bonk coming on (I swear I have been riding up hill the entire time).  Eat a banana, chocolate covered espresso beans and another Stroop.  I am getting tired.
-2pm-the Dad drives up behind me and asks if I want a ride.  "um...ok.  Yes please."
-Up and over Berthoud pass in the car.
-2:20pm- get out of the car, and ride the rest of the way "home" (Mom and Dad's house).
-3:00pm- stuck laying on the floor, in my chamois, hungry, wet, tired and a small feeling of failure because I had to get a ride.

The good news.  I had an amazing training ride AND I have the opportunity to do it all over again on Sunday when I get to ride back home.


G as in Chris said...

Ok, catch me up here. You are working at WP?? Doing what?

Anonymous said...

YOU are a hardcore rock star !!

*and to think i was bummin' at the thought of riding across town in 3degree(windchill~~brrrr) temps* =|

rock on !!

u of i

KCM said...

i love reading your blog!!!

chow chow

Anonymous said...

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