Monday, November 24, 2008

The Commute...home

With no fall back plan (i.e. Dad driving home from the airport) for the commute home, I had to make it. There simply was no other choice. Ride home or bust.

Honestly, I was a little bit worried. With how badly the ride to Fraser killed me, not to mention that I didn't actually make it, I didn't know what to expect.

In order to survive the ride, I took every precaution necessary. In doing this, I realized how many mistakes I made on the first day of the commute.

Mistake #1-I went the wrong way. Riding on Thursday, I could have sworn it was uphill the entire way. It was. It is much easier to ride from 11,300ft to 7,300ft then visa versa.

Mistake #2- I didn't stop for coffee (what was I thinking?). A coffee stop is essential when riding in 30 degree weather for hours on end. Not to mention caffeine helps you go uphill.

Mistake #3-I didn't eat enough. Bonking after 3 hours is due to eating a normal person breakfast and only a few stroops. For the ride home I ate a cyclist's breakfast-fruit, coffee, bacon, banana bread, cereal and yogurt . Not to mention the two bowls of ice cream I had the night before. I did not bonk. I did not get hungry.

Mistake #4-I carried too much in my backpack. I didn't need a change of clothes. I have clothes at home and that is where I needed to ride too. I didn't need extra socks, an extra jersey or an extra hat. I always get too hot, so I don't need to wear them or bring them in the first place. I rode home with the bare essentials.

I made it home no problem. I took my time, I took pictures, I took my hat off and put it back on 100 times, and I had a great time. It was very rewarding.


Debby said...

yeah, I'm glad to hear that your ride home went much better! see you soon.

Hollentour said...

You know you're feeling good when you want to stop and take pics. Me, I would have had to keep my head down and keep pushing, maybe even call Mama. Awesome!