Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dirt and knobby tires

This past weekend I decided to put my mountain bike skills to the test and race on the dirt.

It was super fun, and here are some pictures.
The racers- AP and Heidi G
Swanny, Lucy Bell, made sure our legs stayed loose by taking us on walks, tuning up our Frisbee throwing skills and making sure we could bend down to pick up her poo.

The staff, Josh and Greg, served us post race food at the campsite-

Then proceeded to work on our bikes.
The racing was hot, dusty, and FUN!! And my bike and well taken care of legs from Lucy Bell all worked very well.I was happy at the end, AND all the salt from the chips the night before ended up back on my face. Bonus!!

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CD said...

were there tequila shots involved?