Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reality Check

After Redlands, I was kind of "flying high" (actually, there was no kind of about it). First race of the year, good success, fun times, lots of congrats e-mails, I was feeling pretty dang good about myself.

Then came the reality check.

While working at SG (cool bike shop) one day last week, a guy came in and was talking all about his race team and how they were going to go to Gila at the end of the month. This is how our conversation went-

(me)- "oh cool! I'm going to Gila too."
-"Nice. What Cat. are you?"
- (shocked surprise) "um...I'm Pro".
-"oh WOW! What team are you on?"
-"Team Type 1"
-"Oh I know that team! One of those guys totally ripped our legs off last week at the (local) crit".
-"Oh ya, that was Ian. He's pretty fast".

BOOM!! Crash landing back to reality. I'm not as fast and famous as I was thinking.

Then came the snow.
Followed by my whining.
My goals and desires followed all that up by telling myself to
"Harden the F--K Up!
Get over the snow, find your winter riding gear, and get out and ride".
There are more races to win.

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Brian Holcombe said...

Nice Alison!