Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still sideways

Thanks to the snow that is falling sideways, the canyon to my home is closed.
This gives me time to post some Redlands pictures and to give more Redlands interesting facts.

Interesting fact #1- Redlands was fun. The racing was hard, my team was fantastic; both staff and riders, and we got good results (that always makes things more fun doesn't it?).
I-F- #2- our team was spread out among four host houses. I managed to eat food and lounge around at each house (same goes for The Mom and Dad).I-F- #3- Thanks to the shot of Patron I had Saturday night (it, um, clears the chest), I won on Sunday! Now my teammate, Kori, and I are winning both the overall and the sprinter jerseys of the Women's Prestige Series (that's cool! I told you this team was the bomb).I-F- #4- I get to be home for three weeks before the next race in Silver City New Mexico; The Tour of the Gila.

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G as in Chris said...

Congrats on the win!

It's amazing how much you and your mom look alike. Er, the obvious age difference aside.

Please tell her I send hellos!