Friday, July 2, 2010


Lack of blogging usually means I am at home...or I'm being lazy. This time it means I'm at home. I have been home for 4 days and it's been wonderful (though it would be better if I could go riding with my mtn biking friends. But my body and mind are in need of a rest, so I'll get my riding and my friend time next week).

The reason I don't blog when I'm at home is because, I'm home. As much as I love bike racing, I love getting away from it. I love coming home to a non bike racer life. None of our neighbors ride bikes. They think I'm crazy for riding as much as I do. Many of my friends are not bike racers. And one of our dogs will bite my ankles if I ride my bike near her. Near home, no one knows any teams or any results of any races. To them, I'm just Alison who is gone a lot and now is home.

No offense to everyone out there but, for the most part, cyclists are weird people (me included. Sometimes I can hardly stand my own weirdness), and cycling can be a strange sport. I enjoy getting away from it all; I get refreshed, re-energized and motivated so that when it's time to race again, I'm ready to kick ass.

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