Monday, July 19, 2010

Too old for this

Yesterday was one of the first days I have thought to myself "I am too old for this". What am I too old for? I am too old to wake up at 2:30am and I am too old to catch a 6:20am flight.

But, I survived. It was not pretty nor was it enjoyable but I am now in Bend ready to start the Cascade Cycling Classic tomorrow evening.

I was lucky enough to enjoy the miserable travel day with two teammates; Anne and Toni. We had two layovers, and at each stop at least one of us got coffee. Mine was in Portland and it was espresso.

When we arrived in Bend, we were greeted by a nice man holding a sign with my name on it (that was a first). He loaded our bags into his limo and took us to Bend. Yep, you did just read "limo". It was Pro.
We enjoyed the 30 min ride to our host house in fashion (though we did have to share the space with one of our bikes and the liquor flask was empty).

Our host house is AMAZING! Big, spacious, view, nice people and on the top of Bend.
Check out our neighbors flag. Reminds me of home.
2 mile race tomorrow evening. I am for sure NOT too old for that. My grandmother can ride her bike 2 miles and she is pushing 90. So I've got a good 55 years left. Just make sure my flight is no earlier than 9am.

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LT said...

I concur on the flight times.......