Monday, October 18, 2010


-Arrive to the airport on time, with plenty of time to get to the gate- lucky
-Delta agent tells me it's going to cost me $200 (the same as a bike) for my "baby jogger"-  unlucky
-Give nice Delta agent agent my credit card and get charged "only" $100- lucky
-Walk to security line and see it's REALLY long, walk to other security line and see it's longer- unlucky
-Walk around in circles trying to decide which security line to go to- a waste of time
-Wait in line, cut line, hurry to x-ray-er, put bags on belt, and get told I have some "sort of tube of cream" that needs to be taken out of my bag next time. Realize it's sunscreen AND chamois cream AND the nice TSA agent didn't take it out of my bag and throw it away- lucky
-Run like hell to gate and miss flight by 4 minutes- unlucky
-Already booked on a new flight later in the day- lucky
-Surprise my Dad at his gate when he flies in an hour later- happy
-Hang out with Dad in the red carpet club and load up on snacks- lucky
-Fly to Charlotte where my "baby stroller" is waiting for me and dinner is ready- lucky

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