Saturday, October 2, 2010

Group Ride- steel*wool style

Normally, I'm not much for group rides.  I don't really like them.  Riding with a bunch of people with varying  fitness levels, for the most part, annoys me.

However, riding with a few fun, skilled riders, I really enjoy.  This type of riding makes me happy, tired and I look forward to it every Wednesday. With the steel*wool ride,  I have found the perfect ride and the perfect ride buddies.  This past Wednesday, was especially great.

Before we ended our ride in the dark, our "training" grounds were bright with changing Aspen. Though I was constantly dropped (I was just enjoying the scenery more than the others), I enjoyed every minute of it.
The steel*wool "creators", Whit and JH, are the most skilled riders I have ever seen.  Give either a bike, any bike and they will amaze you with skillz.
Singlespeeds, singletrack, changing leaves, flat tires, pizza, beer, biryani, and laughs.  A lot of laughing (especially when JH endo-ed going less than 1 mph).
It's fun.  Bring on next Wednesday.

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