Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Part 3

Part 1- Vegas
Part 2- Kittery
Part 3- Boston

I arrived in Boston, put on my  chamois, and rode to the coffee shop where we were to meet some of the Harvard Cycling Team members.

After an espresso, I was ready to be the fearless leader of our "cycling skills" ride.  We worked on riding in the "pack", cornering, and sprinting.  It was a solid couple of hours riding and after we hung out and ate lunch together. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

 My race buddy and "host Mom", Anna, made this for dinner for us. Dang...it was really good.
Woke up Sunday morning, and walked.  For a long way.  It's amazing the motivation a good coffee shop inspires in people.  I needed espresso, good espresso, and the coffee shop, Diesel, was a good excuse to hang out with teammates, friends and coffee.

Sunday afternoon was race time.  TD Bank Mayor's Cup Crit.  You can read all about it here-.
The race was followed by packing, eating, and getting a great walking tour of the Harvard Campus-thanks Anna!

The highlight of Monday was taking the Subway, all by myself, to the airport.
I was successful.  I made my flight, flew, caught the bus and was pretty much home.

I'd say the 3-part trip went well.
Until next time.

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