Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vegas day 1- Quotes of the day

Yesterday marked the first trip of my own little Cyclocross team, Team ALP Cycles Specialized. I was a little overwhelmed making this trip alone so instead of thinking about everything that had to happen between home and my Vegas host house, I broke it down into pieces.

#1- drive to the airport and get on plane. Check
#2- get rental car. Check. This is where the first interesting quote of the day happened.  After waiting in the amusement park style line for the rental car shuttle, I then arrived and waited in the Thrifty line.  I finally got to the nice lady who helped me get my mini van.  After talking to me, she said, "you look like a baby. You're so wide eyed and innocent looking. You look like a baby". Ok, that's great...
#3- get bike and skin suit. Check. This included driving, parking, and getting into the Sands to get my bike that the nice people from Rocky Mounts drove from Colorado for me, finding my Pactimo friends, and meeting up with the lady from Rolf Prima who had my "show pass".  Interesting quotes 2 and 3 came  from here.  As I was carrying my boxed bike and leaving the Interbike show, I saw a floor pump that I desperately needed to use. I asked the man standing next to the pump if I could use it.  That lead him to asking, "is that your bike in that box?" Yes. "Is that why your body's so nice?". Oh, um, thanks.  I guess so. I do ride my bike a lot.
With tires pumped, and ego big, I leave the Sands just to be stopped by a security guard. "Is that an empty box?" No. It has my bike in it. "I need you to fill out this paperwork". Ok. Security guard promptly starts feeling himself and every pocket. "I got no pen". Feels every pocket again. "I got no pen.  You got a pen?" No. "Well we need a pen and I got no pen".  Long story short, I got to carry my boxed bike all across everywhere (my biceps are sore today) to find a pen and then to finally leave the Sands and get back to the car.
#4- get to host house. Check. (that was easy and right by the Cross Vegas course)
#5- put together bike and race wheels. Check. (Also easy)
#6- ride cross course. Check (that wasn't so easy. That course is going to be hard).

All in all, it was a good day.  Things went pretty smoothly and I'm happy to be here.

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