Friday, September 17, 2010


First of've got to check out - there is a lot of fun stuff going on and you can be involved too!  It's goona be big!!

The past two weeks have been busy but really nice.  Home is the best (and it's where my heart is).
First, was the giant fire outside of Boulder. Here's a nice view of the smoke.  Yes, that is smoke and not a cloud.
The fire resulted in this; for many, many miles.

The Aspen are changing and it's been really beautiful.
I've been kept "in check" with the steel*wool rides every Wednesday in Ned.  Those guys are though and they make me feel like a bit of a sissy.  But when the sun sets, the riding is the best and the scenery is even better.

The last of the humming birds are keeping me entertained.
To me, fall is not only the best season of the year, it is the best time to ride bikes (even though it means the snow is coming).

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