Saturday, September 25, 2010

From Vegas to Kittery

It's quite a contrast going from Las Vegas to Kittery Maine, but it's all part of the 3-part trip I am currently participating in.  Each part includes a stay of ~1.5 days, a bike, different kinds of transportation and cool people.

Part 1- Vegas. I got there. Rented a car. Drove around the strip.
 I visited sponsors at Interbike and saw this sweet picture of me at the Specialized booth.  This picture is cool and makes me happy.
 That night was Cross Vegas.  We raced under a full(ish) moon.
Despite crashing into the stairs during warm-up... I had a fun time, raced pretty well (8th), and earned an extra $5 thanks to the beer can "reach-down-and-grab-$-while-I-take-your-picture" grab...  You can read more about the race and see pictures on
 The next day, my lip injury (due to crashing during warm up) was starting to look like a nice mustache.
 7 hours post Cross Vegas, I was up and driving to back to the airport to fly to Boston where my road bike and my Aunt were patiently awaiting my arrival for part 2 of the trip.  I arrived, got on a bus, then into a car and several hours later the contrast from Vegas to Kittery had been made.

The next day, I had a nice ride along the NH coast, spent time with family and ended the day with lobster and ice cream (though  not mixed together).
 This morning was a walk with the "Powers Ladies" (my three Aunts), then a car ride to Boston where Part 3 of the trip begins.
Part 3 includes a ride/clinic with the Harvard Cycling team, a BIG $$ Crit race, and a flight back home to Colorado. 1.5 days left...

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