Sunday, September 18, 2011


When you miss 3.5 months of racing, you either-
1- forget about it and not race again
2- build up big desire and motivation to race

During my 3.5 months of not racing, first, I experienced #1.  Then I raced a small local race and #2 happened--big time. I like racing. I like how it brings out the best in me and "raises" my game. And, I like to win.

This past Saturday was a Cyclocross race at Valmont Park in Boulder, Colorado. I was super excited to race--not because it was a CX race, but because it was a race that I could do. Yes, I prefer to race skinny tires on the pavement, but that season is over.  So, for now, I'll have to settle for racing in circles on slightly bigger tires on dirt, grass, and pavement.

The race was fun, dramatic (for me), challenging, fun and rewarding (2nd place)-everything a race should be.

Yes, I miss skinny tires, team work, and "playing the chess game" of road racing, but for now, I'm excited for next weekend's CX race.

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