Friday, March 16, 2012

Cool Stuff

I have not been blogging, but I have been doing cool stuff. For the past week or so, I've been on vacation. Part of being on vacation is not getting on the internet--hence the lack of blogging.

Some of the cool stuff that has been going on for the past week includes-
-Coffee at Handlebar coffee (every single day-sometimes twice a day). The coolest and best coffee bar I have ever been to.
-Riding bikes with my NOW Pro Women's Cycling Team
-Learning how to ride bikes faster with said teammies
-Hanging out in Santa Barbara- farmers market, shopping, Handlebar coffee, etc.
-Riding bikes with Phil and Louise Keoghan--some of the team sponsors
-Eating good food made by my teammies in our amazing luxury house with a view of the ocean.
-Enjoying Vacation

As of yesterday, vacation is officially over.  We moved from Santa Barbara to Rancho Cucamonga (yes a bit of a change), and started racing today with a 4 mile uphill TT. In Santa Barbara we had a Luxury Rental House and here in "Rancho" we have a host house where we are crammed in like sardines (I much prefer host housing to a hotel--so I am very appreciative of our host family--it's just a little tight. It's a good thing we had "tightness" practice in South Carolina together).

Tomorrow, we race again--in big circles in the rain. Sunday, smaller circles again (probably) in the rain.

I have a few pictures of vacation and beyond. I'll post some sometime. In the meantime, check out my teammie, Addy's blog.