Saturday, March 10, 2012


I feel like I am on vacation. One of those vacations you pay money to go on. One of those vacations where you ride your bike, get massage, get fed good food, and ride a fancy bike- all in a beautiful place.

But reality is, this is not vacation. This is my life and I get paid to do this. How cool is that?

After 7 years of bike racing and 7 years of ski racing before that, I had become immune to how cool my life was. I had become the grouchy veteran. Enter 1 broken elbow, 2 surgeries, 3 months off the bike, 4 months of racing missed, and a taste of the "real world". Now, I'm more excited than ever to have my life back. I am so lucky to get to do what I do- ride and race my bike AND get paid to do it.

I have been in Santa Barbara for 4 days now. I have napped, I have lounged around, I have gone to Handlebar Coffee for espresso everyday, and I have relaxed. It feels good. Life as a bike racer isn't so bad after all.

I feel like I have been given a second chance. I'm excited, I'm motivated, and most of all, I appreciate everything that I get and that I earn. Thank you to my team, Now Pro Women's Cycling Team.

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ninja pony mom said...

yay! we look forward to following your further exploits!