Monday, April 16, 2012

3 days

Day 1- wake up, emails, get ready to go.
Leave house slightly late
Get stuck behind a train
Get stuck behind a semi in the canyon
Pick up Anne late
Barely make flight to Charrrrrlotte
Arrive, change, ride bikes in Charrrrlotte 5pm traffic
Meet 'n Greet at Uptown Cycles
Get giant bag of new team clothing

Day 2
Wake up, make 3 press pots of bad coffee (annoying), breakfast
Lunch, chill, have time to get bord
Team meeting, eat, get ready to race
Accidentally ride solo for the first 5 or so laps
Ride solo again
and again. Begin to get very tired and eventually get dropped with one lap to go. Oops, I missed my leadout job.
Feel like I'm gonna barf, cool down, feel better, shower, find food.
Eat food, text with Olivia about how hard the race was, 12am bed time

Day 3
Wake up, make more bad press pot, breaky
Pack, taxi to airport, fly to Denver
Drop off Anne, drive home, do tree work with He Who Must Not Be Named (he chainsaw, me haul slash)
Go to Mexican restaurant for chips and margs. Eat dinner there too.
Bed time

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