Saturday, April 21, 2012


To win a bike race, you've got to a have team behind you. Bike racing is a team sport. 

I've got that team.
My teammates make winning races easy.

When each person on the team does her "job" in the race, everything works. Results happen, fun is had, and good juju prevails (like our helmets).

 Here at Sea Otter, results are happening. Yesterday, my NOW Cycling team, had text book teamwork. It paid off as I won the race, and teammie, Olivia got second.
In yesterday's podium, all three riders use Specialized bikes and other cool stuff, so we all got "branded". It was awesome--until the shower when I thought I was bleeding to death.

Today is the TT. My first real (TT bikes on a non-all-uphill TT) in 21 months. Almost 2 years... bring it!

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