Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to Normal

I've had an amazing 3 weeks. Three weekends, three wins--2 road races, 1 criterium. People are saying things like "wow, you're off to a great start!", and "what an amazing season you've had and it's only April". Yes, all these things are true, but truth be told, it's normal. Or, it used to be normal. I am officially back to normal. I'm motivated to race, I'm motivated to train, and my fitness is back to where it was 2-3 years ago. I'm back. Plus, I should win these bike races. I'm paid to ride and race my bike. Anyone who is paid to ride their bike better be winning races.
Saturday's win at the Boulder Roubaix was awesome. Racing on dirt roads is fun and we should have more races like it. I was solo for 30ish miles, so it became a head game for me--how much can I suffer? I just kept thinking, "the harder I go today, the less I have to train this week".
I was tired, and yes, I don't have to train much this week because that effort almost killed me. I couldn't even ride home with my "rock". Had to give it to Lilly to drive home.

I couldn't have had that kind of ride without my teammie, Anne. She made it possible for me to solo for 30 miles to win the race. She finished 3rd. It's always cool when you get to stand on the podium with your teammate.
Up next is Charrrrlotte--a big money criterium in my teammie's, Robin, home town. I have a feeling my win streak will end. That's fine as long as NOW's win streak continues.

Thanks Jody Grigg for all the Boulder Roubaix photos. He's takes amazing photos and is a super cool guy.

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