Saturday, May 19, 2012

40 min

Day 1
-4:55am wake up, espresso, poo, drive to bus station
-Ride bus to DIA, security, get on flight, fly to Burbank, CA
-Rent car, drive to Bakersfield
-Put on chamois, pre ride Tour of California Time Trial course
-Trader Joe's, dinner, bed

Day 2
-6 something wake up, Dagny's Coffee shop (really bad espresso), breakfast, poo, put on chamois
-Warm-up, race TT (Phil and Louise Keoghan were in our follow cars. Our sponsors rule! ), suffer, suffer some more, finish 2nd!
 -Shower, pack, drive back to Burbank, fly to Boise
-Arrive in Boise, drive to Thai restaurant, salt food with humping elephant salt shaker, eat dinner, bed time.  

That was a lot of travel for a 40 min race. We were in Bakersfield for less than 24hours, but it was well worth it. Super fun race. Super fun atmosphere. Great course. Great prize money. Great experience.

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