Thursday, May 31, 2012

Exergy Tour

              Plain and simple, the Exergy Tour is the best race I have ever been to.  For the first time, I felt treated like a male cyclist. We were treated like royalty. It was a real honor to race in Boise and represent my NOW Cycling team.
                The Prologue started off the Tour.  A 2 mile “race of truth”; each person against the clock going as fast as possible.  The course went up around the Boise Depot and was filled with spectators. It was really fun. I suffered as much as possible to finish 7th (I think).
                Stage 1 started and finished in Nampa. It was the “flat” stage. Thought “flat” doesn’t describe it well, it ended in sprint finish that during the last 100 meters I actually thought I was going to win—until the real sprinters went flying by. I finished 5th and as a team, we raced really well.
                Stage 2 was the true “race of truth”; a 10 mile mostly flat Time Trial. With Kurt in my ear over the radio, pushing me harder and harder into the pain cave, I finished 7th(I think). Honestly, I was disappointed with 7th place, but that was the best I could have possibly ridden. Kudos to those who beat me.
                The Queen stage was our 4th race of the tour. It climbed over 2 mountain passes and more than 4,000ft. We (NOW) missed the break of the day, so had to do some chasing. It paid off as I was able to finish 8th on the day and maintain my 6th overall GC.
                Stage 4 was the hardest race of the tour. At only 46 miles, it was a lion dressed in a teddy bear costume as we climbed more than 3,000 ft in 2 hours. The race was hard but the spectators were fantastic. I have never done a race with so many cheering fans. It was super fun.  It was also a good day for the team as I was able to move into 5th overall and finish 6th on the stage.
                I mention my results a lot, but I couldn’t have done it with my teammates and staff. Bike racing is a team sport where only one person gets the “limelight”. I might be in the limelight, but my team is right behind me. Bring on the next race.

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