Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lack of Motivation

In case you haven't noticed, I have not blogged in a long time. Truth be told, I'm board with blogging. Maybe I burned myself out trying to keep up with three blogs, three Facebook pages, and twitter. Mostly, though, I'm board with the internet. If I am on my computer, it's because I have to be--coaching, e-mails, checking in for flights, looking at the weather, planning my training, etc. My hobbies have changed, and blogging is not one of them.

I no longer take pictures to put on the blog. I no longer think of funny stuff to blog about. Honestly, I no longer remember about the blog.

Instead, I've been enjoying hanging out with people--in person. I'm enjoying spending time with the doggies- outside. I'm enjoying working part time at Salto Coffee Works in Nederland pulling shots and making latte art. I'm enjoying riding and racing my bike-then not talking about it all the time. I'm enjoying living; not spending all my free time on the computer.

With that being said, it was brought to my attention, that some people (or a person) enjoy reading about my racing. Thank you!!

My last race was Gila and I leave tomorrow for the Tour of CA TT on Thursday.
As far as Gila goes, it was great! I can't believe how well the first few days went--for me personally. After my stomach issues I had (previous blog post), I had diarrhea for 6 days and was getting calf cramps in the middle of the night. Needless to say, I was worried how my body would hold up for 4 hours of racing in the heat. Long story short, it held up well, really well. Though my win streak ended (3 4th's and 2 2nd's), my team and I raced well. My parents came to watch and to cheer and they were great. It's cool to have such supportive parents.

I'm pretty excited for the TT on Thursday.

That's all for now. Time to make cookies, pack, and play with the doggies.

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