Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The BEST coffe shop ride...EVER

Today was Italian, 100%. Mark today on the calender. July 3, 2007. It was wonderful.

Lisa, our Luccan friend/tour guide took Iona, Jim and me on our "coffee shop" ride today. We rode to a town 20km away, parked our bikes and entered the all holy of coffee shops. It looked like any normal Italian coffee shop; pastry's, cookies, cakes, espresso machine etc, etc, but upon closer examination, it was obvious this place baked and served to a different tone. For one, the staff behind the counter was actually nice and helpful to our non-Italian needs.

After the four of us each received our cappuccino's and "pasta"s (baked goods) we sat down and the let the experience sink in. I didn't really know cappuccino's could very in goodness. Either they were good (Italy), or not good (Starbucks). But this cappuccino raised the bar. It wasn't just good, it was SO good. Then came the pastry. I got the Fungeti (little mushroom). Thanks to Iona, here is a picture of it:

I have to admit, it does look a little bit foul. But it was amazing. It was like the ying-yang of desserts. Inside the chocolate part was white cream filling, inside the white part was chocolate cream filling. Heaven.

After two cappuccinos and one ying-yang fungeti, I was ready to ride home.

The total bill for 3 cappuccinos, one fungeti and one "pasta" (I bought Lisa's too)....4.90 euro. Take that Amante.

The day was finished off with Pizza, made in front of us and cooked in the brick oven. Yum!

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