Thursday, July 12, 2007

Interesting Facts of the Giro

After 7 days of racing, I have noticed some interesting things happening to me. Mostly, I'm tired of eating. Never, never, ever did I think I would say I am tired of eating. I love eating. But, I ate so much yesterday that I thought I had broken my stomach. As I lay in bed, not sleeping, it still felt like it was going to explode, nothing had been digested. I really thought I had broken my stomach, but alas, the hunger is back in full force this morning and I can't yet bring myself to eat anything.

Here is a list of other interesting information:
-I am getting less and less sleep every night.
-Coffee has replaced tea as the morning beverage.
-Dessert is a welcome big calorie, good tasting race food (though not during the race as gilatto might melt and make a mess in the jersey pocket).
-Pasta is looking more and more appealing for breakfast.
-I got sunburned yesterday.
-Iona's blog is MUCH better than mine (you should check it out
-Despite it being the 7th day of racing, yesterday's race averaged 42 kph.
-The next Italian that yells "Ochio" at me in the pack I'm going to run off the road.
-Putting your brakes on when someone pushes you is a good way to make them mad and create amusement for yourself.
-I love racing my bike in Europe!

Two days left!!

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