Friday, July 27, 2007

The Ying-Yang Continues

The good and the bad continues to continue here in PA. After a most wonderful win and getting to wear both the yellow and the green jerseys, I am now out of the top 10 and feeling bruised and battered. Yesterday, I was NOT smart during the race and wore myself out. Then I got dropped 4km from the finish and lost 40 seconds. No more green, no more yellow, and no more GC podium. Oops.

Today, Brooke (I talk a lot) Miller decided that sprinting for 16th place while it was raining and corner-y would be a good idea. She crashed taking others with her. I jumped the curb, and avoided the road carnage, but ran right into a tree (not ideal). A branch clothes-lined me across the shoulders and I ended up on my back with my bike on top of me. Ouch (nothing horrible tough. Thank goodness).

That's bike racing, and that's also life. The good and the bad, but isn't it all about attitude anyway? It's all good...


Brooke said...
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Brooke said...

We are glad you are ok Alison! Hang in there.
The Whole Cheerwine Team

Anonymous said...

OWEY! I hope you are OK... Those trees aren't nearly as soft as one would hope. Can't wait to see you.