Friday, August 10, 2007

14,000 ft

There are a few things that happen to you when riding your bike at 14,000 ft. Most notably, you can't breath (there doesn't seem to be a lot of oxygen in and around tree line). This lack of breathing then leads to other things. Such as when you can't breath, you can't push many watts. When you can't push many watts, you are unable to do your intervals. When you are unable to do your intervals you become frustrated, discouraged, and mad and this all leads to having a bad attitude. Having a bad attitude when riding your bike is no good.

Such was the case with me today while riding up Mt. Evans. So, instead of being an out of breath-no watt pushing-bad attitude having bike racer, I decided to become a bike RIDER, and enjoy the scenery, the company (though they were a little behind me), and the overall experience of riding to the top of a "14er" while ignoring the numbers being displayed on the SRM.

I was hoping to have some pictures but between the four of us, we had two cameras and six dead batteries. So, no luck.

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Had to have an interesting conversation with Josephine about why it was OK for you to get in the car with a stranger... are you going to add that ride to the blog?? Julie and I want some INK!! =) H