Friday, August 17, 2007

From a rental bike to weird family and corn fields and ending at Trader Joe's

The past 5 days have proved to be very interesting. It all started on Monday with the hopes of riding the Leadville Loop (or Copper Triangle as most people call it) with my sister, Heidi, and her fellow High Maintenance friend Julie. The two pinks (H and J) and Christmas (AP) started riding and all was good until Fremont Pass. Heading toward Fremont, Christmas broke a rear spoke. It was un-rideable as the tire was rubbing against the frame. I was done for, ride over. Heidi on the other hand was convinced it could be fixed. She was so sure she had a spoke wrench on her multi tool and being the nice sister she is even called the bike shop and asked how one would fix this problem. She was trying to be so helpful I didn't have the heart to tell her "no, you don't have a spoke wrench on your tool and Julie doesn't a spoke wrench on her tool. In fact, no bike shop within 100 miles will have a spoke wrench I need for my wheel. I'm F'ed. Ride over. I need to start thumbing it." But instead I let her try to fix the problem and was proud of having her as my sister. She is very resourceful and I'm lucky to be related to her.

Then they ditched me. Actually the best idea was for them to keep riding and I would (hopefully) catch a ride to Copper and meet them there. I caught a ride with a very nice lady and her two kids. The bike shop in Copper couldn't help me with my wheel (to be expected), but he could rent me a 9 speed Giant. Deal. I said good bye to Blue and took off on my new Giant. The three of us continued and finished the ride together. And, no. Once again, I was unable to finish my intervals. They just so happened to be the same intervals I was supposed to do while I was climbing Mt. Evans (see previous blog entry).

Stay tuned for the entry "weird family and corn fields".

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