Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I am home and have finally stopped sweating long enough to pull out the camera and download some pictures (It was HOT and HUMID in North Carolina. Our race on Sunday was 102 degrees). Plus, thanks to linksys 501, I am able to poach Internet time and update the blog (thank you nice person for not securing your wireless).
The Team Time Trial in Toona went well for the team. We got 3rd place and here we are on the podium (I felt ill and wanted to throw up the entire time standing there).
I won the next day's stage (YEAH a road stage win instead of a Prologue or TT)! Kori Seehofer was third and Alison Test...(something) was second.

That lead to the Yellow Jersey!!!And the Green!! (who would have guessed? Me wearing the sprinters jersey? It was a special day)

After Toona, we went to North Carolina for some crit racing. On Saturday, The ALL Speedy Tina Pic won. It was an honor riding for her and I am VERY proud of how the team rode and especially how I rode. I was smart for once and saved energy for when it was needed; at the end for the lead out.

I don't know why these pictures are blurry. Maybe my camera is getting tired and asking it to work in the dark is a little too much for it.

Here we are cheering on Tina while she was on the podium. A random racer on the left, AP, Iona and Mack.

I had a great ride with Amy D. today. She is nice and has a good blog, so I am going to add hers to the blog list,, and take off Mini T's, because Mini hasn't been updating hers and permission for deletion was granted.

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