Thursday, April 10, 2008

AH. The Netherlands

We have left Belgium. The windmill makes it official. Some people say it is windy in Holland. That's why there are so many windmills. I say there are so many windmills to keep Belgium and all the "belgium-ness" away.

Yes, Belgium is pretty much the heart of cycling, but I prefer The Netherlands. Though I do miss eating at the the U23 house (thanks Els). That really was a nice treat.

The windmills in The Netherlands are responsible for;

  • keeping all the weird smells at bay
  • the bluer skies and the warmer temperatures
  • the pretty scenery
  • the greener grass and the manicured lawns
  • the clean towns and countrysides
  • the fluffy sheep and the cute little lambs
  • the really nice Dutch people who don't mind speaking English
  • hard, windy, big chainring racing

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G as in Chris said...

Say hello to the sheep for me!