Monday, July 27, 2009

Bad Blogger

Hi, my name is Alison Powers and I am a bad blogger. I do not update my blog enough. I get in trouble from The Mom and from Sean Weide.

I have not posted an update in more than a week. I have been in Bend for the past 7 days and have had stuff to blog about (good stuff!). But, alas, nothing has been posted. I am sorry for my delinquency however, I can not promise to get better.

If you would like up to the minute detail as to what's going on please check out-

The other morning, I had a great ride with pretty views. We are staying outside of Bend in Sun River.


Lalit Gurung said...

this for you please copy and paste this link

Anonymous said...

It's OK, not like you haven't been BUSY!! Velo News, Women's Cycling, and others have kept me/us updated. =) . Best of luck at Nationals and CONGRATS on winning the Prestige Cycling Series! SO glad for you!!!


Anonymous said...

Bad blogger = Good Bike Racer

You'll have plenty to write about by the time this week is out. Go out and have some fun, win a few races and fill us in on the details later.