Friday, March 26, 2010

Compare/Contrast part 2

Race days versus days at home training are a little bit, well maybe, actually a lot bit, different.

Home- wake up, lounge in bed for a bit, espresso, frisbee/walk with the doggies, breakfast.
Race- wake up, lounge in bed for a bit, chamois up, ride (brr and dark), Aeropress, breakfast.

Home-internet, goof off, ride.
Race- internet, poo, poo, nervous, drive to start, sign in, chill, race.

Home-finish ride, put bike away, shower, eat.
Race- sprint to finish, give bike to mechanic, swanny wipes the dirt off my face (and arms and legs) like a little kid, then gives me a chair and a sammy to eat (gluten and meat free!).

Home-do chores.
Race- chill with teammates, wait for awards, drive home, soak in cold pool, shower, eat, chill.

Home-chores (maybe with some goofing off too), dinner, hang out, bed time.
Race- get a 30 min massage, dinner, team meeting, hang out, bed time (usually go to bed with achy legs and high heart rate only to wake up at 4:30am the next morning hungry and not tired anymore. Time to chamois up and start it all over again).

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