Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello. My name is Alison Powers and I am a bad blogger. You see, I pretty much just ride my bike.
Sometimes I ride it at home.
Sometimes I ride it in other cool places.
Sometimes I ride new bikes.
Sometimes I ride old bikes.
Sometimes I ride bikes with SRAM, other times I ride bikes with Shimano. Most times, that leads to confusion.
Sometimes I ride bikes in snow.
Sometimes I ride bikes in sun.
Sometimes, however, I don't ride bikes.
Sometimes I nordic ski.
Sometimes I am entertained by Floridians seeing snow and skiing for the first time.
Sometimes I lay around and do nothing.
Sometimes I bake muffins and drink espresso and dream of the bakery I would one day love to own.
Sometimes I make training plans and talk to athletes who I coach and challenge them to ride their bikes faster.
Sometimes I feel boring and don't blog.
Most times, I have good intentions of blogging, but never get around to it.
Sometimes I promise to be a better blogger.
Sometimes I follow through.


Carpe Diem said...

hahaha.. Absolutely genius! I particularly loved the Sram and Shimano part...

Shawn said...

sometimes you visit friends while riding your bike and make their days :)