Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've never

Though I'm going on my 6th year of bike racing, the first race of 2010 proved to be an interesting one. Now thinking back on it, and talking about Redlands, I keep finding myself starting sentences with "I've never...".

-I've never raced a time trial knowing exactly how long and how many watts it took to do same race the last time I raced it.
-I've never won the Queen of the Mountains Jersey-I've never missed the break and f-ed up my GC position so badly
-I've never had a teammate get hit by a car 20 minutes before the race start
-I've never hit the barriers and not crashed
-I've never had such strong and smart teammates-I've never won the Team GC.
-I've never looked forward to Gila as much as I am now.


Katherine Fuller said...

Congrats!! Great race.

kimberly said...

What an awesome list of "I've nevers" (well, except for the teammate~hope she's feeling better) that turned out so well. Your positive attitude about even hitting a barrier is awesome, Alison. Great racing.