Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

March. The snowiest month in Colorado. As a cyclist, I like to think that March signals the end of winter, the end of nordic skiing, and the start of 100% bicycle riding.

Again this year, as it is every year, that is not the case. The first day of spring 2010 brought a blow to my bike riding fun.
I should have expected it. It happened last year too (even in April). Last year, I said to myself, "if it snows in March in 2010 and the riding is not very much fun, I should go nordic skiing. I do it all winter long, and technically, March is still winter time (even though bike racing has started). Come September, I am tired of my road bike anyway, so nordic skiing would be good for me".

Today, I remembered that thought and reluctantly pulled out my nordic skis, scrapped the "storage wax" off them and drove to Eldora for some skate skiing.

It was actually pretty nice. After a month of not skiing at all, my muscles were shocked and fatigued in a way that's different than the bike and that felt good. Even in March, cross training is still a good idea.
I rewarded myself with a trip to Happy Trails in Nederland for a Chai, a muffin and a banana and some alone guilt free chill time (though somehow I still attracted the weirdo-s who want to chat).
Tomorrow, the roads will be clear, the temperature more bicycle friendly, and my bike riding motivation high.

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