Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How's your Ass-been?

Mine has been fantastic. Crested Butte one week, Aspen the next.  That's not bad living-at all.  Last week was vacation, this week is racing-in Aspen! It's great.  

Gigantic kudos to Jessica Phillips and Team Ajax Tavern for putting on a Women's only stage race in Aspen. The racing has been fantastic, as have the people, and the scenery.

Stage 1 was a TT to Maroon Bells. Ouch it hurt, but it felt great to race--though I was a little slower than I would have liked in 12th place (I still need some more fitness after 3 months off the bike).  These views are from the finish.
Stage 2 was a circuit race in Snowmass.  Pretty dang fun racing, lots of spectators, and a pretty good result for me in 8th place. Then a racer lunch at the golf course-it was yummy.

Stage 3 is today.  Downtown Aspen Criterium. The course looks awesome with lots of corners and a great location. I'm excited.

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