Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 The last race in Aspen was great.  A classic downtown criterium.  Technical, people cheering, and I suffered- bad. Ouch it hurt.  But, it was fun. Pre race espresso with Amy D and Julie E. Post race dread to ride back to Snowmass was saved by Karl H from Pactimo (thank goodness! and thanks for the ride).
Packed up, got in the car, and drove to Edwards where I spent the night with the Family "blood". Next day was up and at 'em to meet Athlete Kate and Friend Cindi for a pre TT viewing ride up Battle Mountain toward Tennessee Pass (yes my legs hurt from 3 days of racing).

We watched the men's time trial in Vail, packed up, drove home, (JH had yummy dinner waiting) unpacked, repacked, woke up, and flew to Binghamton, NY.

The next day was my first race "back" with my teammates after my injury.  It's also the last race of the season. First was coffee and I found the best espresso I have ever had.  The coffee shop didn't open till 9am, so I had to wait for it, but it was worth it.  WOW! It was so good, I ordered another shot and bought beans to bring home.
 First race back, last race of the season.
Finish race, pack, sleep, wake up much too early, fly home.
7 days, 4 races, 4 beds, 9 bike rides, 4 coffee shops, 1 tired AP.

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