Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love the mountains. I've lived in or near the mountains my entire life-minus one year in Vermont and during that time I missed the mountains.

After spending the weekend flying to and from the brown desert-ness of Reno and racing around in circles on my bike, I needed some Rocky Mountains time with myself and my hiking shoes.

I had a starting spot in mind, but not an ending spot.  The idea was to get into the mountains, see the flowers, hike around, clear the head, and be finished. I was tired from the race and travel the day before so was happy with being outside for an hour or two.

Long story short, at some point, I decided to hike to Woodland Lake (aka Woodlay). Little did I know (or pay attention to), it was almost 5 miles to the lake.  My "little hike" was now a full on hike and it was awesome.

I was so happy hiking. I raced my bike in circles one day and the next day I got to spend 3+ hours in the mountains with myself and my hiking shoes.  The flowers were amazing, the scenery spectacular, and my mind free and happy.

 I'm pretty luck to live the life I do. I get to ride, race, hike, challenge myself, and inspire others to do the same.
To top off the great day, I treated myself to a mocha at Happy Trails--one must end an amazing day in a coffee shop.

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