Thursday, December 15, 2011

ABC 2-4

I've been asked, probably a gazillion times, "what do you do at coffee school for 5 days"?
 The answer- A lot.
In no particular order-
Eat Lunch a various lunch locations-Montage is famous for Mac n' Cheese-my gluten free diet has gone so far out the door that I can't even see it anymore.
 Learn how to make espresso, steam milk, and eventually put them together to make something pretty.
Steamer anyone?
 The latte art is in it's beginning stages.
Eat lunch at more random locations that share space with this. I'm bringing 3 home for JH.

The entire goal of this trip, for me, was to learn how to make latte art. I'm getting there. I made this on my Birthday and that was a dang nice present.
 Eat birthday dinner at one of the various yummy restaurants in Portland.
 Learn how to cup coffee.
Learn how to properly brew coffee using several other-than-espresso methods.
 Visit coffee shops to see what they do and how they do it.
 Drink coffee.
One day left at Coffee School. I've had a really great time and have learned a ton. I leave school everyday smelling like coffee. I leave happy and I leave excited to come back.

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