Monday, December 12, 2011

ABC Day #1

Wow. Today was a cool day.
I'm in Portland taking a 5 day "coffee class" at the American Coffee and Barista School.

Woke up early, walked to Whole Foods for some breaky food, walked until I found a good looking coffee bar. Drank espresso then walked to school (all in the dark) where the breaky food was consumed along with more coffee.

Learned all about opening a coffee bar (none of the teachers have said coffee "shop" so I'm guessing the proper term is bar instead of shop), ate soup and 1/2 sandwich for lunch, then learned about espresso and how to pull a perfect shot of espresso. Yay I pulled my first shot on a "real" coffee bar machine. Did some testing of espresso, and did a lot of throwing out bitter or salty tasting espresso. I can't wait to practice more!!

Finished day 1 at Bally's for a short workout before walking back home (again in the dark. What Portland looks like, I have no idea.) Trader Joe's for food, sleep, and do it all again tomorrow. Can't wait!

 Coolest tamper I've ever seen.

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