Monday, December 26, 2011


Christmas was fun. And--thanks to some of my presents, it's going to have lingering fun.

First up was Operation Ride Bike to Christmas (or 1/2 way at least). With presents loaded in a backpack, I was "Santa by CX bike". 3 hours later over snowpacked, icy, dirt, paved, and wet roads, I met my parents with the car. We finished the trip by car, to my sister's house.

Next was a family ice skate (I bonked badly and ended up eating most of my 9 year old niece's popcorn).

 Christmas day brought the most bestest gift ever. After coffee school, I have been pretty sad to not be able to practice my espresso and latte art skills. He Who Must Not Be Named fixed that. He got me everything I need to practice my skills-including milk! He is wonderful and I love him.
After eating too much we had a family Nordic ski. Turns out, the Powers/Trueblood family is competitive even on Christmas. The family relay race proved to be fun, funny, and dang hard--I don't think I have ever breathed that hard on Christmas- ever. Mike and Oma beat G, J (my nieces), and me by a hair and a wrong turn.  Great job!
The gifts keep giving. 
Thanks to my sister and to JH, I have a bike rack! Finally, I can car pool with people and no more dirty bikes in the car. 
Thanks to JH (again), I am working on my latte art--it needs help as I got rusty after 2+ weeks off. I've already gone through a gallon of organic milk-right down the drain. I need drinkers!!

Happy Holiday's!!

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