Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's official. I have graduated Coffee School. I have to say, coffee school was the most fun school I've ever been to. Learning about what you're already into is pretty fun.

My #1 goal of coffee school was learn to make latte art. Goal accomplished.

For lunch, on the last day, we went to a restaurant that had a lot of wood inside. We need this wood at home!
The food was very good, and like the rest of the week, I ate way too much for lunch. I'm happy to be home now and ride that food off.
 The culmination of the day was a friendly competition. 10 min to prep, and serve 3 espresso drinks. Mocha, cappuccino, and espresso drink of your own choice. My espresso choice was espresso con panna. Mostly, I just wanted to use the whip cream dispenser.
  We left school with lots of fun goodies. I can't wait to start to use them at home to "dial in" my new knowledge.

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