Saturday, January 7, 2012


I like to complain about the cold and the snow and the cold snow, but the truth is- I like it. I like winter. I like the change in seasons. I like to be forced out of my comfort zone and to do different things. When I travel to warm places in the winter time, I end up missing the mountains and the snow.

Yes, I like to ride my bike. Yes, I like to be warm. Yes, I don't enjoy being cold. But, I don't like these things every single day. When you do or have the same thing every day, you stop appreciating it. You stop realizing how cool what your doing is.

That's why winter in Colorado is the best. Because the weather is always changing, you can ride a few days, ski a few day's, rest when the wind comes, and repeat the process. However, the past two or so weeks has seen nothing but sun, warm, and of course, wind. No snow. No cold.

This bout of good weather made for some amazing bike riding and that has made me happy. But, truth be told, winter isn't for amazing bike riding. Winter is for HTFU'ing rides and for fun adventures in the snow and cold. Winter is for post ride hot chocolate. Winter is for skiing.

I have missed skiing. I feel guilty Nordic skiing when the weather is good and I know I should be riding my bike. There is such little snow that the Backcountry skiing and the Nordic skiing are no good anyway.

Today, however, it's snowing and I can go Nordic skiing tomorrow. I rode my brains out the past 5 days, during the summer we were having, and now I don't want to look at my bike for a few days. Yay snow! I'm excited to play with you tomorrow.

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