Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bermuda my legs hurt Day 3

We were in our chamois for 6 hours today. Four of those hours were spent pedaling. The other 2 were spent taking team pictures on the beach, fixing a flat, fixing a pair of shoes, putting on taking off and putting on the rain jacket (jacket off), drinking bad coffee and eating yummy goodies. 

My legs hurt. We've had 3 great days of training. It's pretty hilly here and all the up and down at sea level hurts my high altitude steady riding legs. Change is good, but painful.
Left my camera at home (again) during the ride but brought it with me to lunch. Here are some photos
View from hotel room
 Teammies BP, Oliva, and Ashley visiting the ocean after building a snowman on the beach. I have yet to touch the water. Guess I should do it at least once...
 Ashley and roomie Devon
 Me and new Mommy Anne
 Boss Kurt, Oliva, Beth, for real Boss Man Phil and BP
 Flowers in January

We are having fun. I'm tired tonight I and needed a time out-so did roomie Devon- so we opted out of the evening Gala and instead ordered room service and watched Jersey Shore (now I know why I don't have a TV).

Bring on tomorrow!

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